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Academic and Business Writers Wanted!

Legitimate online writing jobs from home are available through established websites that hire freelance writers such as WritingMonster.com. There are various projects available for experienced freelancers looking to expand their profession to help increase earnings potential and enhance personal skills. As a developing writer, this is a great tool to help you obtain opportunities whether you are experienced or a beginner.

Learn why thousands around the world have been able to find a job through related sites with ease, and why more companies are using such sites to work with experienced experts to get the content they need. Writing jobs online can be a great way to earn extra income or it can help you turn your work-from-home wishes into reality when considering making that important career change.

Here are just a few reasons why more are taking advantage of related websites for their written content needs:

  • Get freelance writing jobs from home that challenges your personal skills.
  • Gain another reliable resource to use when seeking new projects.
  • Build new work relationships and clientele while getting others content they need.
  • Opportunities to help you turn your hobby or interest into productive income.
  • Get projects you may not be able to get elsewhere to help you stay busy.

Writer testimonials


Working for this freelance agency I am able to provide for my family while staying at home with my kids. A great opportunity for all moms!

Megan, NY


I quit writing for other companies because WritingMonsters has enough jobs to fill in my schedule. The pay is great and the support team is always there to answer my questions. I love it!

Natalie, TX

frequently asked questions

Yes, the registration and the use of this website is absolutely free. We are the ones who should pay you for your skills and talent, right?
Click the Apply Now button on any page of the website and complete the application form. You will be asked to submit a sample of your writing and your resume, so get those ready.
From college essays to business plans to graduate dissertations - we offer a whole spectrum of academic and business writing assignments.
We pay twice a month. All you have to do is submit a payment request for a desired sum available in your balance - we'll take care of the rest.
We often receive assignment requiring an overnight delivery, so if you have an opportunity to work at night you are the lucky one as we pay better for urgent jobs.
Absolutely! There are no weekends and holidays in the land of freelance writing - we always have jobs available.

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The scribes below are the cream of the academic writing industry. There earnings talk for themselves.


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Jonathan (US)



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Benjamin (UK)

$3189.47 (UK)

writing jobs online

can be a great way to earn extra income or it can help you turn your work-from-home wishes into reality when considering making that important career change.

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Earn Lucrative Income Sharing Personal Knowledge Online

Online writing jobs from home through sites such as ours can help you make the income you want to earn. You can earn income based on your experience, technical skills and personal knowledge of various subjects and genres.

Similar websites of this nature provide great opportunities to find freelance writing jobs for beginners and the advanced. You can choose which opportunities you want to apply for and potential clients will get an idea about your skills and knowledge. You can take on as many projects as you like, as long as you complete them in a timely manner with original quality content. You can develop working relationships that can turn into ongoing work.

Many find it challenging to find sites that can provide work for those seeking to provide quality written content. With trustworthy on-line sites you can increase your chances of finding assignments that not only pay well, but will pay based on your expertise. Why consider getting future assignments through us?

  • You can choose projects to complete based on your schedule.
  • Freelancers can showcase skills and expertise to potential clients.
  • You can decide how much you want to be paid for work you complete.

Diversity in Project Selection Based on Experience

Freelance writing jobs online may allow you to work with authors, students, individuals, and small & large companies who are seeking to hire a professional to provide custom written content. If you enjoy providing assistance for content development you may be interested providing academic paper help for students in need.

Our website can help you obtain career opportunities that encourage personal and professional growth. Editing, proofreading, blogging, essays, article content development and more are available. You can choose which genres you want to further explore while providing quality written content on demand.

There are other benefits you gain when it comes to expanding your expertise. As a freelancer who can make their own schedule, you can work in various areas that help you stay competitive as a content creator. Additional benefits of legitimate on-line opportunities offered through WritingMonster.com include:

  • Write about subject matters you feel are personal strengths while expanding to other genres.
  • Get opportunities to gain projects that can increase your earning potential.
  • Break into new niches and topics to expand your personal knowledge.
  • Learn about projects and services that in demand.

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